Andrew Barbour (Superchip)
Hello, I had the Citroen C5 Superchip and I thought you might like some feedback in case you have any prospective customers asking for examples of what difference remapping can make.

I’d xeroed the trip mileage and fuel consumption readings when I set off from home to you and over the 85 miles, which was mixed driving it averaged 51.3mpg. After Zeroing it when i set off from you and like for like driving, apart from checking what difference the remap made in power delivery numerous times, it averaged 55.3mpg. So, quite a difference and the mid range power is transformed and very noticeable from 50mph in fourth I can feel myself being pushed back in the seat.

I think the main difference, apart from the decrease in fuel consumption is that the driving experience is much better, with much less effort needed to maintain an average of 60 mph over sweeping bends and hills and dual carriageway overtaking is a lot more relaxed. I wouldnt say its a smoother delivery, or ironed out any flat spots thought, as it was quite smooth before and with no real apparent flat spots in the power curve

Best Regards

Andrew Barbour


Charles Offler (LPG Conversions)
Anyone considering having a vehicle converted to LPG could do no better than going to K. Mugglestone& Co.
I have had three vehicles converted and cannot fault the service I have received. They are always very professional and helpful and nothing is too much trouble. The work is very neat and the system they use is top of the range. I cannot speak too highly of them.

07818 217456


Phil Thomas (LPG Conversions and Jaguar Work)
I’ve known Neil for quite a few years now and in that time he has done a lot of work on both my Jaguar and Kia Sorrento. Gas conversions to both vehicles, tow bars fitted, services and numerous other jobs that have needed doing over the years. (ah the joy of owning old Jags)
The work has always been carried out to a very high standard and at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Phill Thomas