At K Muggesltone and Co we have Many Years Experience when it comes to ECU Remapping.

ECU Remaps are most commonly used to Enhance a Vehicles Power and Performance, or to Improve the Economy of a Vehicle

K Muggelstone and Co are Accredited Viezu and Superchip Dealers.

See our dedicated Viezu and Superchips pages for more info on your specific tuning needs.

We offer the Highest Quality Ecu Tuning for both Standard and Modified Vehicles with the option for a Fully Custom Bespoke Map for your vehicle to accomodate any Engine Upgrades such as Larger Turbos, Bigger Injectors, Full Exhaust System etc.

We are also able to Remove many functions from the ECU for Example:
EGR Systems
Secondary Lambda (De-Cat)
Swirl Flaps
Secondary Air Injection
DPF Solutions (for Motorsport Use Only)

To find out more about our Specific Remapping Services please visit our Viezu or Superchip pages or call us today for your free no obligation quotation