Nitrous Injection

Nitrous Systems can Increase Power by as little as 0.5 hp (0.37 kW) or as much as 3,000 hp (2,200 kW), depending on the Engine Type and Nitrous System Type.

In many applications Torque Gains are even greater as increased fuel is burnt at a Lower RPM Range and is what causes the Significant Improvement in Acceleration.

Using a Nitrous Injection System in many cases is the Healthier Option for your car compared to other Engine Tuning Systems. Unlike other Systems the Nitrous System in fact cools your Engine rather than Heating it and doesn’t make your engine Rev Higher for extra power.

A Nitrous Injection System could Improve your Engines Power by up to 50% Without any Further Modifications to your engine.

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WON Street Blaster 150i kit up to 150hp extra From: £671 inc VAT

Nitrous Refills: £8 per lb

Setup or Re-Jet of all nitrous kits From: £60 inc VAT

Full Nitrous System Installation From: £300 inc VAT

The image below shows the kind of increases a basic nitrous kit can safely achieve with no other engine modifications


Red Lines are without Nitrous
Blue Lines are with Nitrous

Notice the dramatic increase in low down torque!