LPG Conversion

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With 17 Years Experience in the Autogas Industry we are one of the Most Experienced Converters around,
only Fitting High UKLPG Approved Systems. We are Agents for BRC, Prins and OMVL.

LPG Autogas averages around Half the Price of Petrol and Diesel.

The Immediate Substantial Savings in your Fuel Costs means that Converting your car or van could Pay for Itself Very Quickly.

There are also other ways that LPG Autogas can save you Money such as Reduced Car Tax and Some Discounts on Parking.

As a UKLPG Approved Converter we can Assure you your Vehicle will be Insurance Approved and also be able to Assess the Suitability of Your Vehicle to the LPG Autogas System and Advise you on Making your Vehicle more Economical and Environmentally friendly.

Converting to LPG Autogas could mean you’ll Save Up To 50% on your Fuel Bills making it an Economically Sound Decision.

With an LPG conversion Your Original Fuel Tank will still be Intact meaning if you ever run out of LPG and can’t make it to one of the 1100 Filling Stations in the UK that supply LPG it will use the Fuel in your Petrol Tank Instead.

In most cases the LPG Tank takes up Very Little Room and depending on Your Vehicle could fit into a space as small as the Spare Wheel Well (see gallery).

We Pride Ourselves on only fitting the Best Equipment available, providing Your Vehicle with a Seamless Changover between LPG and Petrol and No Significant Loss of Power.
Other than looking at the Small Gas Changeover Switch you will not be able tell which fuel you are running on.

After the conversion
The Vehicle will Start as Normal on Petrol until the engine reaches approx 40 degrees C then the LPG System will Automatically switch over (usually within half a mile of driving) and then you will be running on almost Half Price Fuel! If you run out of LPG on a long journey the system will detect a Loss of Pressure and Automatically Revert Back to Petrol and an Audible Warning will be heard to notify you of this.




4 cylinder systems: from £1440 inc VAT

6 cylinder systems: from £1850 inc VAT

8 cylinder systems: from £2000 inc VAT

Vehicles which require Valve Lube + £150

LPG Servicing:

LPG Systems as a rule should be Serviced every 15-20k Miles to Maintain Correct Operation and Good Fuel Consumption.
We can Service and Repair a wide range of LPG Conversions, so if you current LPG system isnt working correctly or is in need of its Annual Service please give us a call.
We are also one of few Vauxhall Factory Fit Necam Approved service centres.

General Aftermarket LPG System Service: £108 inc VAT
(this includes replacement of both LPG Filters Liquid and Vapour, Leak Check and Pressure adjustment.)

Vauxhall and Other Necam Factory Fit Service: £144 inc VAT
(this includes complete strip down and clean of the major LPG components, replacement of both filters, leak check, and pressure adjustments.)